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eNewsletter, April 2016




FDA Feeds Meetings

April 12-15, 2016
Davis, CA

The Feeds Curriculum Development Team met in Davis in April to continue development of curriculum for feed regulatory inspectors for the National Food Safety Curriculum. WIFSS’ team members Bennie Osburn, Mike Payne, and Heather Johnson welcomed the group to Davis and participated in the meeting which included representatives from FDA’s Division of Human Resource Development (DHRD), the International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI), and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

The meeting is part of the ongoing effort of the Animal Feed Curriculum Framework Project as part of the collaborative project to develop a competency-based curriculum framework for state animal feed control officials in the U.S. The feeds curriculum is to help satisfy the training called for in Standard 2 of the Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards (AFRPS).



Bennie Osburn, Heather Johnson, and Mike Payne of WIFSS meet with the Feeds Curriculum Development Team









2016 International Conference on One Medicine One Science

April 24-27, 2016
Minneapolis, MN

WIFSS participated in the 2nd International Conference on One Medicine One Science at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. John Angelos, and Heather Johnson, presented a poster on the Web of Causation, a conceptual model to assess environmental exposures during foodborne outbreak investigations, during the session on Air Quality, Environmental Exposures, and Health. Investigators must systematically work backwards in an outbreak investigation through a complex web of relationships to determine how and why food became contaminated. Using a conceptual model such as the Web of Causation allows for a standardized approach to ensure all aspects and relationships are considered during investigations.


Jon Angelos and Heather Johnson

WIFSS’ John Angelos and Heather Johnson stand in front of Web of Causation poster at the 2nd International Conference on One Medicine One Science










All Hazards Preparedness

April 6 & 7, 2016
Sacramento, CA

First responders attending the pilot courses for All Hazards Preparedness for Animals in Disasters, and All Hazards Planning for Animal, Agricultural, and Food Related Disasters, shared their experience with disaster planning and preparedness as they took part in hands-on, problem-solving activities in the courses which took place at the California Fire & Rescue Training Authority in Sacramento.

Tracey Stevens, an instructor in Animals in Disaster with WIFSS was the trainer for the AWR 328 course.  Tracey and Holly Powers, Solano county sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services, taught the course on MGT 448. Also on board from WIFSS to lend support with the classes were Amanda Arens, Heather Johnson, and Bennie Osburn.


Tracey Stevens

Tracey Stevens leads AWR 328 group discussion








Media Contact on Raw Milk Controversy

Food Republic


Michele Jay-Russell is quoted in an article, written by Christine Haughney and published on April 18 in Food Republic, an online newsletter.  The article, entitled “Is America Playing a Risky Game of Raw-Milk Roulette?” presents opinions on both sides of the controversy and discusses legislative responses by states to the issues.











UPDATED: Risk Assessment of Foodborne Illness Associated With Pathogens From Produce Grown in Fields Amended With Untreated Biological Soil Amendments of Animal Origin; Request for Scientific Data, Information, and Comments

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) extends comment period on requesting scientific data, information, and comments that would assist the Agency in its plan to develop a risk assessment for produce grown in fields or other growing areas amended with untreated biological soil amendments of animal origin (including raw manure).

Comments are due by July 5, 2016.

To submit comments electronically to the docket, visit www.regulations.gov and enter FDA-2014-N-1497 in the search box.

The Constituent Update addressing this announcement can be found here.

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